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Pleated Mosquito Screen for Window – Vertical

A Variation in Pleated Mosquito Mesh for Mosquitoes and Insects.

Some windows due to virtue of size and location need a specialised solution. The trained manpower at Premier Screens factories have provided ventilators , small windows , kitchen windows , top hung windows & other similar windows an ingenious solution. In a narrow or a small window, the space constraint is very high. Consumers want to maximise air flow and natural light input through the small window opening. Pleated Mosquito Net – Vertical operates from top to bottom or bottom top as per consumers comfort. The stacking either or top or bottom results in more clarity of view when mesh is stacked and when mesh is in use the pull rod & other aluminium profile have less obstruction. Premier Screens has the largest range of variations in Pleated Mesh for windows in India. A cord is added to the pull profile to pull it down in case window is at a height but it is difficult to push it back. A hook type pull & push stick is being developed to operate windows with high sill level.

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