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Barrier Free Chain Mechanism Collapsible Partition

Saving energy by avoiding cooling or air conditioning cost is one of major issues in Indian households.

There is a constant need & subsequent demand for temporary partition to reduce the room size to save on electricity spend. Large living rooms need a collapsible partition, dining / living unit needs a temporary partition, conference rooms need temporary division, etc. Barrier Free Chain Mechanism along with Honeycomb pleated fabric becomes an excellent Retractable Partition. The honeycomb fabric is lined with aluminium film which gives this collapsible partition very good insulation properties against light & heat. The 4 mm thick guide strip is pasted on floor with 3M tape and it does not act as an obstruction or obstacle for old people or kids. The aluminium film inside the honeycomb has 3 benefits – 1) Strength to fabric to retain shape 2) 100% Blackout against light 3) Very good insulation for air-conditioning.

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