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Barrier Free Mosquito Mesh for Doors – Caterpillar Chain

Main doors in Indian houses are mostly without threshold as the doorstep poses a hazardous problem for guests, old people & children.

Barrier Free Mosquito Mesh for doors launched by Premier Screens in India is one of the best in world. Pleated mesh glide on 5mm guide strip of special ABS/derlin compound. Guide strip is stuck to floor using special 3 M double side tape. The Caterpillar Chain is made from secret compound perfected by GreenWeb Germany. More is the usage of caterpillar chain over the guide strip, more is the smoothness. Barrier Free can be extended by adding modules. This ensures resistance to high wind pressure. The Pleated mesh used in barrier free is 20mm pleat height for greater space utilisation. Barrier free Mosquito Net should never be used on window. Barrier Free Mosquito Mesh for doors can be made in wide widths up to 1.5 meters in single shutter.

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