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Pleated Mosquito Mesh for Large Doors with Wind Clips

Large French Doors, 3 Track Aluminium Doors, Lift & Slide Doors are used in most Luxury apartments & Villas.

The wind pressure on per square feet of mesh area is very high in high rise building specially in large sized mesh. Premier Screens introduces WINDOKLIP, a new concept to in Pleated Mosquito Insect Screens for large openings such as mentioned above. WINDOKLIP is a well-designed clip made up from industrial grade ABS which locks in specially extruded Aluminium alloy 6063 with hardness T6. The clips move smoothly in the groove of Top & Bottom Profile. Pleated Mosquito Net with WINDOKLIP mechanism along with the intricate XROSSCORD cording becomes resistant to wind velocity in high rise. WINDOKLIP can be used with 2 sizes of Threshold – 25mm & 35mm.

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